Psalm 20:1 -Verse for Tuesday

Mary Jane Saunders Daily Verse

“The Lord answer you in the day of trouble! The name of the God of Jacob protect you!” – Psalm 20:1
Today I am thinking of the folks in California whose lives are being devastated by the raging fires – we were there just last week and it is hard to contemplate the breadth of human suffering in the fire’s wake and to imagine all that beautiful landscape being destroyed. As we consider ALL the places in the world where there is devastation – and these days there are many of them – we lift up our prayers for hope and help. As people of faith, we first pray, but then we act. I continue to urge folks to give generously to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, or any other trustworthy entity that will be there with boots on the ground to help those in need. May the Lord indeed “answer” those who are going through their day of trouble, and may we be God’s instruments in ways large and small.