Christian Education – June/July ‘18

Children & Youth Sunday, June 10th

Come celebrate the younger members of our church family on June 10!  It will be a wonderful worship recognizing the special touches our children and youth add to our church community, including a special communion service and recognition of accomplishments over the year.  We’ll follow up with a mile-long sundae downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. 

Family Fishing Afternoon

Join us on Sunday, July 1st at 4 pm at the W.W. Knight Nature Preserve (29530 White Rd., Perrysburg) to go fishing! This is a free event for children 16 and under. Adults who would like to actively fish (not just help the kiddos) must purchase a fishing license.

The Wood County Parks District is providing a ranger to educate and help us fish from the bank of the nature preserve. This is an event for all ages. Come and fish or just hang out and share stories of the “one who got away”. We want to hear all those tall tales! Space is limited so please let Lisa Lawson LaPointe know if you plan on attending.  Her email is or text 419.575.2416.



Youth Group—It’s summer! We’ll have one gathering in June and two in July for the Youth Group. Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 10th, July 1st, and July 22nd. Time and places will be determined at a later date as we wait to see what the weather brings.  Be sure to rsvp to Miss Adriane or the pastors so we can be prepared!

Camp Mail—It’s time for us to gather together letters for our students at Camp!  You will find our “camp mailbox” in the Fellowship Hall.  Letters can be dropped off there and they will be taken to Camp Kirkmont to be distributed over the week.  There is also a list of campers available on our “mailbox” so you won’t miss anyone!  Thank you for making camp even better for the students of our church!

VBS  – Vacation Bible School day is coming!  It’s always a wonderful day where learning about God’s love for us is hands on and tons of fun!  Watch your emails, texts, Face Book, website, and bulletins for time and date details!

Congratulations to Michael McNamara and his family on his graduation from Bowling Green High School!  We wish you well on your future adventures!

Migrant Camp Visit

Our 4th Annual Migrant Camp Visit will happen on Sunday, July 22.  This is a very special opportunity for our children and teens. We’ll take pizza and clothing items with us to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship with the local workers.  It’s always a fun time of conversation, food and soccer and parachute games!  Please let Pastor Gary or Miss Adriane know if you’ll be able to attend this fun outreach activity.

A Simple Prayer for Summer

Father, Creator of all, thank you for summer!  Thank you for the warmth of the sun and the longer days.  Thank you for the beauty I see all around me and for the chance to be outside to enjoy your creation.  Thank you for the time to spend with friends and family, and the slower pace of the summer season.  Draw me closer to you and teach me how I can pray no matter where I am or what I’m doing and light my path with your word and counsel.  As I enjoy your creation, create in me a pure heart and a hunger and thirst for you.  Amen!

Stewardship is Heart Work

Teaching Children about the Tithe

To help children understand the tithe, you might want to make “Allowance” charts that show how much a child would begiving to God through tithing (10%) depending on their allowance:  $1 allowance- 10 pennies back to God; $2 allowance- 2 dimes; $5- 2 quarters; $10- $1.  One large poster could be made for the entire family and placed in the hallway or other space that the family frequents.  You could also create individual sheets for each of the children in your home to track their own progress.  Remind your children that ultimately everything belongs to God and we are most blessed to have what we have, even after we give away 10%.


If you’ve been in our Narthex this past year, you’ve noticed an area called the “PrayGround”.  This area is designed for our young members to have a space to move and play quietly, while still being able to see and observe our worship service.  The PrayGround has a table with coloring pages, books and other soft toys.  We will continue to have the PrayGround available as a welcoming feature to our congregation, families and visitors.  

Sacred Space at Home

Practicing faith at home is an important gift that families give one another. Bedtime prayers, mealtime blessings, in-the-car and on-the-go prayers, simple songs, and Bible stories are common things to do together. Although they may seem awkward at first, they will grow to become significant points of conversation and reflection for everyone involved.

Getting Started…
• Set a time and place for these sacred conversations: around the breakfast or dinner table, on the way to school, at bedtime. Take 2 minutes. Set a timer so everyone knows the end.
• Put something in the space to remind everyone what you will do there: a cross, a Bible, a hymnal, a flower or leaf or other small piece of the outdoors, or paint or color a picture together.
• Ask family members what they want to include in the time. A scripture verse or story? The same prayer every day (perhaps the Lord’s Prayer) or spontaneous prayers that each person can say?

Try one of these models:

Daily Examen
1) Remember your day. Remember the people and places you saw, and the things you did.
2) Notice the gifts. Notice the moments of love and grace and goodness. Give thanks to God.
3) Notice the hard times. What wrong did you do? When did you sin by not doing enough?
4) Look to tomorrow. Ask for God’s grace tomorrow, and pray for God’s help in all that you think and do.

Daily Hi/Lo Prayers
1) Share your day’s highs (highlights, best, favorite moments) and lows (sad, hard moments).
2) Read a Bible verse or story.
3) Discuss how the Bible reading relates to your highs and lows. Where was God in the story? Where was God in your day?
4) Pray for one another’s highs and lows.

Written by Sweet Hollow First Presbyterian Church