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Stewardship for Children and Families

Stewardship as a Spiritual Discipline: Why We Should Give

“We’re living in a material world…” pop star Madonna sang in the 80s.  Hairstyles, fashions and music trends have changed since then, but unfortunately, her sentiment remains accurate.  What’s particularly disturbing is that debt problems are starting earlier than ever before. Mounting debt in this country’s households is just one indication that we need a refresher on Jesus’ “good and faithful servant” illustration (Matthew 24:14-30)- not just for our sakes as adults, but for our kids as well.  Many of our money problems (and probably lots of non-financial struggles, too) result from our forgetting whose resources we are managing (Psalm 24:1, James 1:17).  Time, talent, skills and health are all tools on loan to us with the expectation that we’ll share them, do good with them, and use them to glorify God.

Prayer for Thanksgiving:  “Lord, We feel so blessed to have been given such wonderful family and friends.  We ask that our roots would be deep in Your love.  Fill our hearts, friendships and homes with your truth and forgiveness.  We thank you for each person in our lives for their unique qualities and special characteristics.  Watch over each one and keep them safe.  Fill their lives with Your goodness, inspire their hearts to follow you, bless the work of their hands and weave us all closer together.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Nursery Help – We would like to welcome the new Nursery Staff to our church family!  Please stop by and say hello to these wonderful grad students!

We Meet – Join us on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 to help create cards for the card ministry and then stick around for dinner at 6:15.  We gather, pray, eat and enjoy each other’s company during this low key meal.  Everyone is welcome! 

Happy Mail – We’ll be working on Wednesday nights to continue our card ministry.  Please join us at 5:30 to make a few simple cards!  We like to send them out to our church friends to give them a smile.  We are in need of blank cards and envelopes.  Contact Miss Adriane for information on how you can help provide these materials

Sacred Space – Welcome Fall!  School is back in session and we’re back into routine here at church, too!  This Fall we’ll be using our Sacred Space time to explore the Bible and some stories that we’ve not heard before. 

Worship CDs – An excellent way to continue helping your child be immersed in God’s word and will is to listen to our worship service throughout the week.  You can request a CD from Miss Adriane or from the church office to listen to at home or in the car.  Listening to the CDs will allow your child to remember what happened on Sunday and help familiarize them with our group prayers and sung responses like the Doxology.  Please see Miss Adriane if you have any questions.

PrayGround – If you’ve been in our Narthex, you’ve noticed a new area called the “PrayGround”.  This area is designed for our young members to have a space to move and play quietly, while still being able to see and observe our worship service.  The PrayGround has a table with coloring pages, books and other soft toys.  We will continue to have the PrayGround available as a welcoming feature to our congregation, families and visitors.



Sacred Space at Home

Practicing faith at home is an important gift that families give one another. Bedtime prayers, mealtime blessings, in-the-car and on-the-go prayers, simple songs, and Bible stories are common things to do together. Although they may seem awkward at first, they will grow to become significant points of conversation and reflection for everyone involved.

Getting Started…
• Set a time and place for these sacred conversations: around the breakfast or dinner table, on the way to school, at bedtime. Take 2 minutes. Set a timer so everyone knows the end.
• Put something in the space to remind everyone what you will do there: a cross, a Bible, a hymnal, a flower or leaf or other small piece of the outdoors, or paint or color a picture together.
• Ask family members what they want to include in the time. A scripture verse or story? The same prayer every day (perhaps the Lord’s Prayer) or spontaneous prayers that each person can say?

Try one of these models:

Daily Examen
1) Remember your day. Remember the people and places you saw, and the things you did.
2) Notice the gifts. Notice the moments of love and grace and goodness. Give thanks to God.
3) Notice the hard times. What wrong did you do? When did you sin by not doing enough?
4) Look to tomorrow. Ask for God’s grace tomorrow, and pray for God’s help in all that you think and do.

Daily Hi/Lo Prayers
1) Share your day’s highs (highlights, best, favorite moments) and lows (sad, hard moments).
2) Read a Bible verse or story.
3) Discuss how the Bible reading relates to your highs and lows. Where was God in the story? Where was God in your day?
4) Pray for one another’s highs and lows.

Written by Sweet Hollow First Presbyterian Church