On Sunday, October 7, we will receive the Presbyterian Peace and Global Witness Offering, one of our denomination’s signature opportunities.  75% of the offering will go to peacemaking projects around the USA and around the world.  The other 25% goes for appropriate purposes decided by the local church.  Our Session has voted to donate this year’s portion to La Conexion, the Latino advocacy group with which we partner so often.  The particular purpose will be to assist in legal costs for local migrant workers and their families who have been or may be detained.  We befriended many such neighbors when we visited a local migrant work site in July.  The envelopes will come with the October Crier.





Changing lives here at

First Presbyterian Church – September 2018

The Deacons Shop  – our ministry of recycling used clothing to the people of Bowling Green. We sort & fold clothes on Wednesday mornings-come join us. The Deacons Shop will not be open on the third Saturday of the month this summer. Individuals with special circumstances may call the church office for help.  Arrangements will be made to serve them.


The Wood County Alternative School is housed in our church at a minimal cost.  Students who have not been successful in traditional public school or who have special needs that can be better met in a small environment can get a second chance here! We have returned! Our first day of school was August 23rd…we have 5 high school students. Already we’ve been working hard on academics and “hiding” in our air conditioned classroom to then venture out to work in the Deacons’ Shop. The students are looking forward to the holiday weekend!


 Our “Backpack Project” is a church mission through which we buy and pack food supplies for the students of the Alternative School, some of whom come from food-insecure homes. The Backpack Project will begin again at the end of August. Each week we pack bags of nutritious, easy-to-prepare food and distribute them to students in the Alternative School.  We depend on donations of food (or money if that is easier) and will be needing peanut butter, jelly, canned soups and vegetables. If you would like to learn more about the project, how to donate, or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Libby Allen-Dachik: allenda@bgsu.edu or 419-494-4117 or Nettie Rose, nettierose@aol.com.  The Backpack Project has been a very successful, effective outreach program.  We thank you for your generous donations.


We provide space at no charge for La Conexión de Wood County, a self-help  and advocacy association for Latinos. They offer English as a Second Language classes here at our church twice a week, as well as holding monthly general meetings here.  “Our fifth annual welcoming event for farm workers “Bienvenidos”, organized jointly with FPC, was once again a success. This event is organized every year in July at an area farm worker camp. This year better weather allowed us to share more time with the families. There were about 60 adults and 35 children at this camp. La Conexion visited the camp after the event to gather feedback from the families. Everybody thought the event was excellent. The children very much enjoyed the parachute activity and the books from the WCDPL bookmobile. Families appreciated the clothing donated by the Deacon’s Shop, the food and more than anything: the company and the friendship. The only improvement suggestion was to divide the delicious donuts donated by Stimmel’s Market in bags so every family gets some. On other news: We are getting ready to start our English and Citizenship classes for Adults and our Tutoring/academic assistance/mentoring program for children and youth at FPC. Starting date is September 11th. The program will run through the end of the school year. Thank you always for your wonderful facilities that make these programs possible!


SPECIAL OFFERINGS: Every month we send $1060 from our budget to the mission program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to change lives for people in need all over the world.  Blanket Sunday we received $1200.  50% of your donation will go to Church World Services, and 50% will stay here to be used through our Deacon’s Shop. Through our Deacon’s Shop you will help provide blankets, diapers, and personal health care items to those in need in our community.


YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THE CHRISTIAN FOOD PANTRY IS APPRECIATED.  Many thanks for your continued support of the BG Christian Food Pantry by giving food items in the grocery cart by the elevator.  Every week or so we are filling up the cart and then delivering the donated items to the local Christian Food Pantry.  I am continually thanked by the staff members who work at the Pantry and asked to extend thanks to all in our church who have assisted on a regular basis.  I can confirm that the items we provide are also appreciated by the families and individuals we serve, and very helpful in providing basis needs for those who need this assistance.  Thanks for your help and generosity.         Dave Hyslop—on behalf of the Deacons

The church also has one A.A. group that meets here in our Fellowship Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7-9. We also have an N.A. group that meets on Wednesday evening in the Green Lounge from 7-9 and a H.A. group that meets on Sunday evenings from 7-9.