Changing lives here at

First Presbyterian Church – November  2018

The Deacons Shop  – our ministry of recycling used clothing to the people of Bowling Green. We sort & fold clothes on Wednesday mornings-come join us. Individuals with special circumstances may call the church office for help.  Arrangements will be made to serve them. We are currently collecting heavy duty black trash bags and diapers in a variety of sizes, as well as fall/winter seasonal clothing, bedding, and towels. Want to volunteer? Contact Janet DeLong at 419/353-1333.

The Wood County Alternative School , which services students who have not been successful in traditional school settings is housed in our church at minimal cost. The Alternative School currently has 5 students from 3 school districts in Wood County.  Three students are seniors, one is a junior, and one is a freshman.  We currently have four BGSU student interns to assist in the classroom with tutoring and other tasks. In addition to academics, ALC Students also participate in behavioral programming and community service.  Students help in the Deacon Shop and also when called upon for special tasks around the church.  Once per month, students assist with the monthly food distribution and /or food deliveries at the First United Methodist Church.  Community Service projects are a great way for our students to practice their behavioral and social skills and also give back to the community that has been so generous to them.  Students continued in October to receive food for home from the Backpack Program sponsored by First Presbyterian.  In November, ALC students will assist with set up of the Jingle Jumble, outdoor “courtyard clean-up,” at times daily Deacon Shop assistance, and as always be available for general assistance in the church.


 Our “Backpack Project” is a church mission through which we buy and pack food supplies for the students of the Alternative School, some of whom come from food-insecure homes. Once a month we pack bags of nutritious, easy-to-prepare food and distribute them to students in the Alternative School.   If you would like to learn more about the project, how to donate, or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Libby Allen-Dachik: allenda@bgsu.edu or 419-494-4117 or Nettie Rose, nettierose@aol.com.  The Backpack Project has been a very successful, effective outreach program.  We thank you for your generous donations.


We provide space at no charge for La Conexión de Wood County, a self-help  and advocacy association for Latinos. They offer English as a Second Language classes here at our church twice a week, as well as holding monthly general meetings here. La Conexion has been assisting in registering families for the Christmas party and we are all looking forward to this wonderful event. English classes and youth tutoring will close in early December and restart mid January. We would like to invite the congregation to our upcoming educational event: “Pushed Out: Root Causes of Migration from Central America and Mexico” at the WCDPL Atrium on November 14th, 6-7:30 PM. The event features BGSU faculty and topic researchers Valeria Grinberg Pla and Michaela Walsh, as well as Fr. Herb Weber, Pastor at Saint John XXIII in Perrysburg, and Deb Boyce, Communications Director of the Toledo Catholic Diocese, both with humanitarian experience in Central America and the border. The event is free and open to the public. 


SPECIAL OFFERINGS: Every month we send $1060 from our budget to the mission program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to change lives for people in need all over the world.  We will have the CROP Walk total raised amount next month.


YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THE CHRISTIAN FOOD PANTRY IS APPRECIATED.  Many thanks for your continued support of the BG Christian Food Pantry by giving food items in the grocery cart by the elevator.  Every week or so we are filling up the cart and then delivering the donated items to the local Christian Food Pantry.  I am continually thanked by the staff members who work at the Pantry and asked to extend thanks to all in our church who have assisted on a regular basis.  I can confirm that the items we provide are also appreciated by the families and individuals we serve, and very helpful in providing basic needs for those who need assistance.  Thanks for your help and generosity.         Dave Hyslop—on behalf of the Deacons

The church also has one A.A. group that meets here in our Fellowship Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7-9. We also have an N.A. group that meets on Wednesday evening in the Green Lounge from 7-9 and an H.A. group that meets on Sunday evenings from 7-9.