Pastor’s Update


Dear Friends,

              We are now in the midst of our Season of Gratitude, and the two of us are so very grateful for all the wonderful expressions of gratitude that are pouring in.  We even have a “Gratitude Tree” in the Fellowship Hall (feel free to add to it!).

              At our planning meeting for this campaign, the group was clear that the voices of our congregation were, hands down, the most significant pieces to lift up over this very special month.  So we’ll scatter several of these quotes through this Crier.

And, with his permission, we’ll lay before you one piece that Elder Michael Penrod sent in after our extraordinary worship service and brunch this past Sunday.  Enjoy it, and may all these thoughts inspire us all to step up with our time, talent and treasure commitments for 2019 for the Lord’s awesome work in this awesome church.   

Peace – Reverends Mary Jane and Gary


WOW!  Our Homecoming and Golden Members service this past Sunday was more than grand, it was inspiring!

I was really planning to say a few words during our usual Joys and Concerns time, but I got so “into” the sermon, and then Drew’s words so echoed what I wanted to say, that I just sat there crying. 

The tiny church in which I grew up always had a Penrod as an elder.  My father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather all worked to build and nurture the church.  However, I am not welcome there in that space where so many of my childhood memories reside. 

As a relatively new member of our First Presbyterian Church, I was inspired to be with so many Golden Members and to hear some of the stories (thanks again, Drew!).  Our church family is so important to so many – but to be completely selfish right now, I can only think of myself. 

OUR church family means so very much to ME.  It is my refuge in so many ways.  YOU are my refuge in so many ways.  As we move through our Season of Gratitude, I must simply share how grateful I am for ALL OF YOU and for the example ALL OF YOU set in our community.  

They will know we are Christians by our love. You live this in so many ways.  Thank you to our Departed Saints and our current Golden Members, for building a legacy for us to thrive in. 

Humbly and In His Name,

Michael Penrod,                                      

Elder, Chair of Finance