About us

A Christian Community focused on glorifying God

Welcoming in Worship

We warmly welcome visitors and all God’s children into our Sunday services, where strangers become friends every week.

Inclusive by Intention

Our passion is in celebrating our diversity, from age to sexual orientation to race. We’re known for it – it’s our signature value.

Joyful in Doing Justice

We will stand with those oppressed by discrimination and poverty, and in helping them in concrete ways to overcome.

Steadfast in Loving God & Neighbor

This is our heartbeat – loving God with all we have, and serving ALL of our neighbors through creative ministries and outreach.


Pastor David Montgomery Staff Pic

David Montgomery

Interim Pastor
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Tammy Schnitker Staff Pic

Tammy Schnitker

Office Administrator
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Aaron Ross Staff Pic

Aaron Roos

Music Director
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Mikel Griener Staff Pic

Mikel Grenier

Receptionist/Stream Tech
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Our Leadership

“Presbyterian” means “ruled by elders.” Our elders make up “the session.” The session of First Presbyterian Church is comprised of nine elders and our church’s pastor, who serves as the moderator. The session is responsible for the mission and governance of the church, meaning it is the session’s responsibility to provide for the worship, ministry, education, fellowship, mission, service, and life of the congregation.

Elders are chosen from the membership of the congregation. Each year, the Nominating Committee chooses from among the men and women (young and old) of the church those members they feel are called to serve in this leadership role. Their nominations are then presented before the congregation for election. Once elected, the Elders are ordained to their role. Active elders may serve one three-year term, with the opportunity to serve a consecutive three-year term if re-elected.

Deacons are church leaders ordained to the particular ministry of offering care. Each deacon has a “flock” of members with whom they connect offering support, care and any needs one has. Our Deacons’ Shop is also managed by the deacons as well as an Annual Christmas Ministry with a full breakfast, gifts and a surprise appearance by Santa Claus. Our diaconate is comprised of six deacons, elected to one three-year term, with the option of serving a consecutive three-year term if re-elected.

Trustees oversee the use, maintenance and care of the facility and grounds as well as the stewardship of large gifts given to the church. Our trustees ensure that those gifts are used to the glory of God. Our board of trustees is comprised of six members, elected to a three-year term, with the option of serving a consecutive three-year term if re-elected.

The Vision of the Finance Committee is for First Presbyterian Church Bowling Green to have reliable and sustained financial resources and monetary gifts, properly accounted, invested and expended which are sufficient to support the ministry and work of our Congregation. 


Our Mission is to accomplish that vision by:

  • actively promoting annual stewardship and long term planned giving by our members,
  • developing annual budgets for the Session’s approval,
  • carefully monitoring revenues and expenses as well as long term financial investments,
  • regularly communicating with the Session and the Congregation about our financial status, and
  • recommending policies about financial issues to the Session as needed

Our Ministry partners

Pastor David Montgomery Staff Pic

Rev David Montgomery

Interim Pastor

David is a “cradle Presbyterian.” Both parents were elders and church professionals. He grew up in the shadows of Union Presbyterian Theologica Seminary in Richmond, Va. He never stood a chance!

He met Ann Marie, his wife, (who is also a Presbyterian minister) at Western Carolina University where he majored in Recreation Leadership. He received his M.Div. from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1986 and has pastored churches in Tennessee, Kentucky and he moved to Ohio to serve as the Executive Director of Toledo Campus Ministry for 6 years before coming home to FPC BG.

Ann Marie and David have three sons, three daughters-in-law, three grandchildren and one dog.

Tammy Schnitker Staff Pic

Tammy L. Schnitker

Office Manager

Tammy is a NW Ohio native and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Tiffin University in 1986.

She is married to her husband, Tim. Together they have 2 sons (Tim II and Thomas), 2 daughters-in-law and a very rambunctious and loving grandson.

She has worked at First Presbyterian Church, BG for the past 24 ½ years. Tammy loves her job and the people she works with! And although her goal in life was never to be a church Office Administrator, she can’t imagine working anyplace else. She feels that this is what God has called her to do and where she is to be.

Tammy loves John Wayne movies, reading, camping, cooking, and baking. Her biggest joy in life is her family but especially her grandson, Timothy. She and her husband will be downsizing soon and that is proving to be quite the challenge in her life at this moment.

Aaron Ross Staff Pic

Aaron Roos

Music Director

Aaron is in his second year as the choir director at First Presbyterian Church.

Originally from Lakewood, Ohio, Aaron graduated in 2020 from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Education, specializing in choral music. Throughout his time at BGSU, Aaron got the opportunity to travel the country singing with the BGSU choirs, and learn from some of the best music professors in the state. He was also the President of the BGSU Men’s Chorus, as well as the President of Ten40 Acappella, the male a cappella group on campus.

He brings a variety of vocal music experience, having competed in choir competitions, the International Barbershop Competition, and the International Championship of Collegiate Acappella!

Aaron is also the choir director and head of the vocal music department at Anthony Wayne High School. 

Mikel Griener Staff Pic

Mikel Grenier


Mikel was a former radio and TV broadcast employee, who has a heart… and smarts.

Mikel loves to help those in true need, with nothing given in return. He thinks this has to do with growing up in several small towns in Wisconsin, and meeting many people that were in need. Mikel is a Deacon, but was doing Deacon duties before they got this title.

Mikel also wants to encourage marginalized people to look into our church home, as Mikel is non-binary, and has found a good home within First Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green.


We are a loving and caring community of faith, located in the heart of Bowling Green, Ohio where Christ Welcomes All. As thoughtful followers of Christ committed to empathy, reflection and outreach, we gather together for worship, fellowship and service. We include all ages in our ministries. We have a deep love for music, mission and social justice, with a highly devoted congregation welcoming and caring deeply for all people within and beyond its walls. 


Our congregation is one of the nearly 13,000 similar congregations spread across the United States that, together, make up the Presbyterian Church (USA).