How are we going to be church post-pandemic?

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Pastor David Montgomery Staff Pic

Dear Family and Friends of First Pres,

              Over the last 18 months we have been challenged and strained by closing down the building due to COVID-19, adjusting to Zoom meetings and Live Streaming worship services. We’ve seen the loss of two beloved staff members, the coming and going of a very talented young organist, and now we are coming off this pandemic. How are we going to be church post-pandemic?

There are several key issues we are addressing. One is the search for our next called and installed pastor. The Session’s Nominating Committee has the charge of securing names of those who will serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). But first the Session must establish the make-up of this vital committee which should reflect the full representation of our membership. The PNC must be elected by the congregation. All that is a big-time commitment. Who will step up?

Our Holy Cow Conversations have been extremely helpful for the session to hear the thoughts, hopes, hurts, anxieties that our members have. It has also been enheartening to hear your love for this church and your aching for fellowship. These conversations are vital as we prepare for writing our Mission Information Form (MIF) required by the Presbytery.

In addition to searching for a pastor, we are in need of a Coordinator of Youth and Family Ministries. The Christian Education Committee has been establishing a rationale for hiring a and developing a job description for this possible position. This is a vital position and the session is seriously considering major changes in our previous position. Outreach, Community Involvement, Church Growth will all be incorporated into this person’s job.

Mission Committee is once again gearing up for our Migrant Camp for August 8th. My sense is that this will take a huge number of volunteers with a variety of tasks, some small, some large. Who will step up?

Outreach Committee has been doing their work, setting ambitious goals of working with BRAVE on the Juneteenth Celebration, June 19th and also providing help and support for BGOPride with their first Pride Month Pot Luck here on our property June 26th. Who will step up to help?

So, you see what lays ahead of us? I’m exhausted just recounting it all – but the Good News, is that we serve a God of abundance and we have a strong community of committed members.

It will take all of us! Let’s find ways to share the joy of service!

In Christ’s Service,



David Montgomery

David Montgomery

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