Officer Training and Retreat –

God has called, and our officers have responded by saying “Yes”. Please pray for the Elders, Deacons and Trustees as the new officers are installed in worship January 23. In preparation for their installation there will be training for the newly installed on Saturday, January 8 then all the officers will retreat on Saturday, January 22.

Officers for 2022 thru 2024

Moderator, David Montgomery


Class 2022      Christina Guenther, Lisa Lawson, Donna Nelson-Been, Terri McNamara Class 2023        Dar Bevelhymer, Lee Liebetreu**,                                                Class 2024         Joan Callecod, Carolyn Layne**,   Gale Swanka**


Class 2022      Sandi Carsey, Dave Horger**, Jan McLaughlin**  , Cathy Horger**                                       Class 2023      Beatrice Guenther**,  Nancy Hess,                                                Class 2024    Scotty Huntington, Doretta Schnmidt  


Class 2022      Drew Hanna, Terri McNamara                                                                             Class 2023       Bob Callecod, Linda Smith                                                                                  Class 2024 Sue Clark, Mike Evans**  **Denotes 2nd term and cannot be reelected


We are a loving and caring community of faith, located in the heart of Bowling Green, Ohio where Christ Welcomes All. As thoughtful followers of Christ committed to empathy, reflection and outreach, we gather together for worship, fellowship and service. We include all ages in our ministries. We have a deep love for music, mission and social justice, with a highly devoted congregation welcoming and caring deeply for all people within and beyond its walls. 


Our congregation is one of the nearly 13,000 similar congregations spread across the United States that, together, make up the Presbyterian Church (USA).