We will need lots of stuff and lots of helpers to make this a successful event!  Now is the time to gather all the stuff you wanted to get rid of while stuck in your home during the “Covid months”! (for more info. see the July Crier article)

We are accepting donations of housewares, toys, linens, sporting equipment, etc. in the fellowship Hall at the following days/times:

¨ August 15: Sunday, 11-12 pm (Helpers available!)

¨ August 17-19: Tues.-Thurs, 9-4 pm

¨ August 20: Friday, 9-12 pm

¨ August 21 Saturday 9-1 pm

¨ August 22: Sunday 11-12 pm (Helpers available!)

¨ August 24-26: Tues.-Thurs 9-4 pm

All items must be taken down to Fellowship Hall and left in the areas designated for drop off.  Helpers will be available during the Sunday drop off times to unload your car and carry your items downstairs to Fellowship Hall.  If special help is required at other times, please contact the church office, Susan Dunn (419-308-3491) or Nancy Hess (419-806-4788) to make arrangements for assistance.  Due to disposal issues, we will not be accepting mattresses, computers or TVs. Clothing should be donated to the Deacons Shop. Save your Christmas items for Jingle Jumble! Please contact Susan or Nancy if you have furniture you are considering donating or if you are uncertain whether a specific item will be accepted. 

            Spread the word to friends and family who might have items to donate.  The sale is a great chance to declutter your home and help PW support various missions at the same time!