Electronics Recycling Event on Saturday, October 8, from 10 am – 1 pm.  We are working with AIM e-cycling to have them deliver and later pick up collection boxes for your electronic items. 

What can you e-cycle? Almost anything except the old-style TV’s (the big tube TVs) and CRT tubes.  Here’s some things you can e-cycle: computers, laptops, monitors, flat screen TVs, printers, cables, speakers, cell phones, electronic games, VCR and DVD players.  There’s more information on the AIM website at aimecycling.com 

According to AIM’s website, they “process hundreds of tons of e-waste every month. Some devices, such as desktop & laptop computers, flat-screen monitors, cell phones, and games, can be refurbished and re-used. The remaining e-waste is separated for further processing in specialized facilities that can extract various components and precious metals. The rest is shredded into new materials and devices.”