Prudence Adibah –  I am a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Engineering Technology at BGSU. Originally born and raised in Ghana, I’ve spent all my formative years in a small town called Hohoe in the south-eastern part of Ghana, West Africa until I decided to take a giant leap to study for my master’s degree across the Atlantic (America). I come from a loving and close family of 4. My parents, my brother and I. I now have 2 adorable nephews that I love so much. In my leisure time, I love to watch movies and take long naps. As an Evangelical Presbyterian who was born and baptized in the church, I decided to join the First Presbyterian Church here in Bowling  Green in August. The outpour of love and generosity from the members here is overwhelming. It’s such a privilege to be part of this inclusive and non-judgmental church.