The FPC Nominating Committee is looking for members to begin our search for a new pastor.      So now, we are asking you the members of the congregation to either nominate yourself or someone else (please ask that person before nominating them) to be on the new PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee). We’d like to have this done by end of July so please do not wait to nominate either yourself or someone else. The group must be members from the congregation and the congregation will approve the Nominating members. Our liaison from the presbytery’s Leadership Commission is Rev. Jessie Commeret, from Findlay Presbyterian Church.

            Once the PNC members have been approved by the congregation the real work begins. Luckily the  process is shorter than it used to be, and we might be able to wrap up our search by the end of the year. We will meet with our liaison from Presbytery likely once a week for the first couple of months. Some tech skills will be useful with a willingness to learn Google Docs, but do not let that scare you off if you don’t know how to use it (we can teach you 😊).

            Get your nominations to Lisa Lawson at so we can begin to create our committee to present to the congregation.  Our next mtg. is Wed., June 23rd at 4:30 p.m.

The Nominating Committee Members:

Lisa Lawson       Dave Horger      Terri McNamara    

Lee Liebetreau   Bob Callecod     Marcy St. John


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Our congregation is one of the nearly 13,000 similar congregations spread across the United States that, together, make up the Presbyterian Church (USA).